Millian Blu Bio and More At Booty Licious!

by Bootylicious Mag

Hi, Millian. Welcome to BootyLicious. Tell us about yourself! “Sure! I’m five-feet-four, 125 pounds. My measurements are 36B-25-39. I was born in Nevada, moved to Detroit when I was seven, and I now live in the Bronx, New York.

My parents are Dominican, so I guess that makes me Dominican, too. I’m 20 years old, and I started modeling about a year ago. At first it was magazines and music videos, but now I’m giving everything I’ve got to being the best porn star in the world. That’s why being on the cover of BootyLicious magazine is so exciting to me. Now everyone’s gonna get to see every inch of what I’ve got to give!”

Millian Blu
Millian Blu gives us a salute!

Millian Blu Ass
Millian Blu bends over and shows us some Booty Licious ass!

Millian Blu Fishnet
Millian Blu nipple popping out of her fish net top!

Millian Blu Panties
Millian Blu pulls her panties down her full round ass!

Millian Blu Legs
Millian Blu with her panties around her knees!

Millian Blu Dropping It
Millian Blu dropping all that ass down low!

Millian Blu Boots
Millian Blu raises up her legs in the air!

Millian Blu Baby Oil
Millian Blu lubes up all that ass!

Millian Blu Pussy
Millian Blu clean shaven and very wet pussy!

Millian Blu Pink Pussy
Millian Blu has a very Pink pussy!

Millian Blu Vibrator
Millian Blu working a vibrator in her sweet pussy!

Millian Blu, Booty,Booty,Booty,Booty rockin everwhere, wow what else can I say nice skin tone, a pretty Pink pussy and all that fine Booty Licious ass!

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Millian Blu